Saturday, November 29, 2014

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Pinkalicious Party

Hallie turns 3 on October 27th, so we celebrated her birthday a week early with all the family and had a fun Pinkalicious party for her. We are so blessed to have her as our princess in the family! 

A few things Hallie is doing these days:
* Such a little princess! Always playing dress up and wanting new princess attire.
*GREAT creativity - she is hilarious with her creativity, wanting to name our new baby "Spiderman" if it's a boy, and "Strawberry Shortcake" if it's a girl.
*Has a smile that lights up the room!
*Some of the best silly facial expressions!
*Such a smart girl. Unfortunately, we haven't spent nearly as much time with her on letters, numbers, and other things like we did with Caleb, but she has picked things up by herself and knows all her letters, shapes, colors, most numbers, and can speak very clearly, even conjugating verbs properly (such as "I like" vs. "He likes").
*She has such a strong opinion. We decided to let her pick out a special party dress for her party... and it literally took all day and multiple stores to find the perfect one she was happy with, even though there were MANY options that were super cute at every store. She knew what she wanted and wouldn't settle for less. At her party, she broke down in tears. We thought she got hurt, but it was because three gems fell off her new dress. She LOVES her clothes!
*Loves her big brother Caleb and always wants him to be part of her play time. She is always hugging and cuddling him. He is such a good example for her and she looks up to him so much!
*Drama queen to the extreme...we have a thirteen year-old in a three year-old's body. It is fun though because she has opinions on things I never expected her to care about yet.
*Loves her long beautiful locks. Her hair is to the bottom of her back and is so pretty. Every morning, she picks how she wants to style it for the day. Lately, she has loved letting it go without any ponytails or bows. When I ask her if we can do something to it, she replies with, "But I love it this way, it's beautiful!"
Hallie is full of energy and love, and is such a joy in our lives. She makes us crazy and smile everyday. We love her SO much!

Now on to the pictures...

Monday, August 1, 2011

Sunday Photoshoot

My cuties after church yesterday.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Wintertime at Hogle Zoo

Once a month through the winter the zoo offers free admission for everyone! We decided to face the freezing weather and see how much fun we could have! It actually wasn't too 40 degrees, but sunny. The kids had a blast seeing all the animals and I even enjoyed it quite a bit! Tons of animals were out and being way more active than I have ever seen in the summer months.
In the reptiple room Hallie had the opportunity to pet a "Dragon!"...she didn't take it.
But Caleb sure did! He could have stayed in that one spot all day and pet that thing!

I remember growing up that there were peacocks walking allover the zoo! They are so pretty! Later we saw one with his tail feathers up, and doing a "dance" times.
The Tigers were the coolest to see! They were all lying right by the gate and would get up and walk around for a bit, then come back and put on a cool! These things are huge! I don't think I have ever seen one this close up!

Caleb's giraffe pose... Hallie loved the giraffes. They were so close to us, we could have touched them...if we wanted to disobey the rules.

Caleb is our little reptile guy...he loved looking at all the snakes, lizards, and creepy things I usually try to hurry through! -waving hello to this little creepy one...
Telling the snake "Hello"...
Then there was the turtles...Caleb has been fascinated with how turtles go in and out of their shells and how they swim with their "Heavy shell"...this turtle was huge
 We had such a fun time and the weather was pretty reasonable for the end of January! If we are still in Utah next year we will definitely take advantage of this again!


Monday, January 17, 2011

Check out this Awesome Giveaway!

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P.s. I WILL be updating the blog someday soon... I know it has been happens.